Award winning strategic advisor, angel investor and serial sustainapreneur


Delivering positive change to address the most pressing social and environmental issues.

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As a team member and leader, Nimisha earns respect quickly and keeps it by delivering genuinely visionary expertise and always being available to troubleshoot and advise on areas that need a helping hand.

Seb RossManaging Director, Society Company

Nimisha was instrumental to the success delivery pf platform development for Centrica orchestrating large number of senior stakeholders and keeping teams accountable for critical deadlines.

Moad Raghie

I would highly recommend working with Nimisha to help you create a coherent strategy for product growth. Her personal experience of growing her own brand, mixed with years of corporate consulting, have given her an amazing ability to create realistic, but daring strategies for growth.

Susan Kabani




My journey to being an Urban farmer

I'm not going to pretend I'm the best in town, hardly that, but a big part of my journey to being a more sustainable and planet conscious human, started with…

Should businesses be concerned about sustainability?

Sustainability is a bit like the Olympics. There isn’t one sport you play, you have many player that are trying to achieve in multiple lines of sport. It’s a bit…

Everyday actions to reduce our climate impact

In honour of the start of Earth Month, everyone has been asking me about the action we can take as everyday consumers to reduce the impact we have on our…
Good COP or Bad COP26?

Nimisha has pledged to plant one billion trees over the next 10 years and reinvest company profits into global social impact causes.

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