‘’It would be futile to deny the pervasiveness of technology and modern day society’s reliance on it.

It has become an unavoidable part of everyday life for us all, from its use in communication to developments in AI, robotics and even healthcare.

The future is STEM and it is crucial that we ensure girls from all backgrounds understand that they have a key role to play in crafting the future they will be living in.

Girls should be encouraged to take an interest in STEM to enable them to compete fairly for work roles to ensure almost 50% of the global population is not suppressed or disadvantaged by the advent of the next technological evolution.

Full article: https://www.aspirationsacademies.org/news/the-future-is-stem-needs-girls-ftse-100-adviser-makes-a-passionate-plea-for-young-women-to-get-involved-in-tech-if-they-want-equality/

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